9/17/2019 3:28:38 PM

Tehran, July18, IMIDRO_ Operation of Mehdiabad lead and zinc mine and construction of mineral processing plants is started, today with attendance of Industry, mine and Trade Minister, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO, Provincial Officials and private companies in Yazd Province.
Start of Mehdiababd mine Operation and Processing Plants Construction

According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, Mehdiabad mine as the largest lead and zinc mine in Iran and one of the biggest lead and zinc mines in the world has 154 million tonnes proven reserves include 88 million tonnes sulfur and 66 million tonnes oxide.

It is predicted that due to exploration activities these reserves will rise to more than 700 million tonnes.

Also, Mehdiabad has 124 million tonnes barite deposits include 84 million tonnes extractable reserves.

Mehdiabad lead and zinc mine pit has a length of 1903meters, width of 1433 meters and depth of 340 meters. It is located 115 kilometers southeastern of Yazd city.

Industry, mine and Trade Minister said: “Total explorations before President Rouhani’s government was 160 thousand kilometers which was increased to 450 kilometers in the last 4 years”.

During this 4 year period, exploration operations did not limit to Geological Survey & Mineral Explorations of Iran (GSI) but IMIDRO was responsible for 250thousand square kilometers. Also, we defined over 100 zones and invited investors for cooperation and over tow third of them signed the contract, Nematzadeh added.

First Phase of Mehdiabad by Next Year

Despite long dating, main activities in Mehdiabad were conducted in the recent 3 months and is expected the first phase will be operated by the end of the next Iranian year (started 20 March2018), he expressed.

It is predicted that the mine has more reserves so, maximum use of the reserves will be performed simultaneously with complementary explorations, He added.

Karbasian: Proper Situation for mine Mutation

Chairman of the board of IMIDRO said: “Mehdiabad mine was explored in 1950.It is start of a developmental project for processing, development and employment”.

Some foreign companies were ready to cooperate in this project and finally through an international tender, a credible consortium was selected and started the project. Projects include mine affairs and construction of processing plants which will be established in next 4 years, Karbasian announced.

Mehdiabad is the second largest world zinc mine. Preliminary data showed that due to the conducted exploratory projects ,there are valuable deposits in Yazd province, Deputy Industry, mine and trade Minister said.

4 Times Rise in Rare Earth Elements Reserves

The Atomic Energy Agency has conducted many explorations before Islamic revolution in Iran, based on agreement, we used their data during the last 70-80 years and achieved to precious reserves, Karbasian added.

He said: “for instance, rare earth elements reserves increased from 300 thousand tonnes to one million and 200 million tonnes”.

Source: imidro