9/17/2019 2:43:35 PM

At Iran ConMin2016, the 12th international trade fair, both international and multinational corporations from around the world are negotiating the conditions regarding Iran mining sector and possible further development by foreign investors after Iran nuclear deal.
Foreign Investors Seeking Stability in Iran Political System after JCPOA

Iran Mines Media Group, Aida Jafari

Money transfer security is also a matter of concern

As Neils J. Woelders, director of DCbright, remarks, their attendance is with the aim of getting to know more about Iran and its mining industry. “The abundance of mineral reserves in this country is of great significance and shall be controlled with great care and I believe it requires considerable expertise,” he comments.


Neils adds, “DCbright is a professional manufacturer of the world’s brightest and most efficient LED lighting products for industrial, architectural, construction, mining and automotive applications. It’s my first visit in Tehran and we are here in order to negotiate with the domestic industrial experts and analysts directly in order to evaluate Iran current economy and present our solutions as well as products.”


Neils declares, “Since the sanctions are lifted, hopefully, we have export control possibilities and have not had a lot of problems anymore. The only problem is to get to the right people to find the right contacts and the other issue is to have money transfer security. Which is one of the open questions.  We are pretty sure that we will find solutions accordingly.”


He also mentions, “Iran government should compensate the lack of trust and guarantee money transfer security. Besides, a period of political instability in Iran has had detrimental impacts worldwide and potential foreign investors are waiting for a full guarantee and commitment so that they can put their money into the industry.”


Source: Iran Mines Media Group

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